Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Smile for the camera!

Today I decided that I don't have many pictures of my friends here on Wizard101. So, I thought why not just take hundreds of pictures all day so I have all kinds of memories!

Pictures are a great way to remember things, or bring back memories, or blackmail your friends when they do something stupid. Or maybe a strange glitch occurred and your pet turned into a giant talking waffle that was engulfing all of Wizard City. Doubt you want to miss a picture would ya?

Just make sure you always have a camera around on Wizard101 or even in real life, because you never know what will happen ;)

So far I only have a few pictures, but by the end of the day I plan to have.....200 at least

Here are some I have taken so far:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9/29/09 - Almost October Celebration

October is only 2 days away. This month not only is the month containing the release of the mounts, but also Halloween. Kings Isle has already started a poetry contest regarding this special holiday. Not to mention there will almost definitely be spooky decorations like last year!

So now we can prance around the spooky streets of wizard city on a brand new mount. What more could you want!

Then of course they are adding the school specific houses. So now each school has will have it's own unique house just in time for the holiday. So now your chillin at your myth based bachelor pad. Handing out candy to the boys in girls. Then running away on a tiger to scare everyone. The ultimate plan.

Plus, with the contest we can win the black cat pet, ninja pig costume, or Halloween costume. I guess pigs are related to Halloween.....but either way that's pretty cool.

Ninja pigs love trick or treating too I guess

So get your poetic caps on (ok that was kind of lame) and start writing! Of course to do this you have to be a fan on facebook. So, don't forget that.

Trick or Treat
Smell my Feet
I just got a brand new spell this week
When I use it you will die
Just promise me that you won't cry

Yah I am so talented. (No that is not an actual entry.....)

Well anyway good luck to people who plan to enter. Also, I hope to see tons of mounts running around in the next couple weeks, so save up!

Hope everyone has a happy October


Monday, September 28, 2009

Wizard101: 5 Million and Counting

A few weeks ago, King Isle placed the new (and some what pretty) fountain statue, in the pond, in the commons. The purpose of it was to show thanks to us, for playing the game. Wizard101 has passed the 5,000,000 registrations mark. So there are over 5 million wizard accounts. That's just incredible. September was also a celebration of their 1 year anniversary. So basically that means in one year they gained 5 million players.

Congratulations Kings Isle! You have made an amazing game, and as it continues to grow and get better so does the community.

Lots of people complain. Such as you take to long to add new worlds. Or something is wrong with this, or this needs to be changed, or this is stupid. Though in reality, you update the game almost every month. That's faster then nearly every other MMO I have seen. Your a very talented organization. No matter what people say, or complain about, this game is very well made, and the community is amazing.

Unlike some games, you actually listen to your players. Your updates come from our ideas, and our feedback actually is read.

Mounts are coming next month, and I can't wait. I am sure it will bring a lot of joy to all the people complaining of boredom. Seriously I don't think it's possible to be bored while leaping through town on a tiger!


Or a dragon....or horse...or broom....either way it will be awesome.

King Isle has done a very good job with this game so far. I can't wait to see how it evolves.

Again, congrats on hitting the 5 million mark. And thank you for making such an entertaining game.

A happy player and fellow wizard
Tyler Earthstrider

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy Day

Today and tomorrow morning are going to be very busy for me. Tomorrow is my birthday so I have to get a lot of things done.

-Cleaning up
-Setting up
-Buying Required Food and Beverages
-Getting a Sufficient Amount of School Work Done

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day for sure though. Just having a little Halo 3: ODST fun basically all night. Maybe Left 4 Dead and such in there somewhere. Definitely going to be quite a party going on here.

Blog Updates:

If you noticed I now have a little header for my blog, which I just love. It was made by Norymar15 on Wizard101 central. So, a big thanks to her.

I made it to 5 followers (Yipee!) partially thanks to 'Diary of a Wizard'. Hopefully the numbers will continue to increase.

Also, with the mounts being added to Wizard101 next month I added a poll to celebrate. So vote and tell me which one you plan on buying.

I may be on Wizards tonight. If not then I probably won't be on until Saturday. Either way hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wizard101 Chessboard bug Tutorial

Made a quick video on how to do a fun housing bug. I know a lot of other tutorials have been made, but people have commented on my housing videos asking for it. So here it is:

On a side note. If you read my post before this regarding what I am getting for my birthday, I decided to go with the Numark Total Control. Which cost $195, but I feel it's totally worth it.

Also, keep checking back here, because I am going to start working on a remix of some of the Wizard101 music. So keep an eye out!


Just a short post describing what is going to happen in the next couple days.

Well first off is blog news:

I made a blog on Wizard101 Central ( I also sent the administrator a message hoping to get this blog approved. So that way I can post a link to this one inside of that blog, and possibly boost my viewers/followers.

I also asked someone on central to make a nice signature which I hope to use as a header for this page. If not, I'll try to find someone else. So that would be a nice touch.

I also got put into the Blog Reel of another Wizard101 site ( which was pretty cool. So thanks to the person who did that.

Wizard101 News:

Well I am sure everyone has heard of the new mounts coming to Wizard101 next month. (

I am not sure if they mean it's going on to test realm in October or if it's being released on the live realm. Either way I hope they open up the test realm soon.

*dreams of tiger mount*

Also, the news that they are releasing school houses is pretty cool. I just hope I can afford all this update has to offer.

My Characters Update:

Tyler Earthstrider, who is my main wizard, has finally managed to gain all his grandmaster myth stuff. That includes his deck, wand, and amulet as well. So he is complete. Now I am planning on doing 1v1 to hopefully gain commander gear for him as well. He currently has 610 tickets.

Valdus Thorn, my life wizard, is still collecting his gear. He managed to get his hat and boots. As well a his athame. Now he is trying to get that rotten Malistaire to drop his robe. I have gotten the storm robe 5 times, and the balance, fire, and myth once. So that's a total of eight tries so far. Hopefully today I can go for a 9th.

As for my death guy, Tyler Skullstrider, he is still in hyde park. I am trying to complete the game with my friend, but we aren't on together that much. As for pvp with him, I have managed to get his commander boots through early level bolt spamming. Now I am starting to 2v2 with my balance friend without the use of bolts. I have 412 arena tickets at the moment.

So overall everyone is doing fairly well in general. I am usually on my myth wizard hanging in the commons. Leave a comment if you want to meet or anything.

General News:

My birthday is this Friday (September 25th) and I am trying to debate what I want to get at this point. Instead of a bunch of games and what not I decided between 2 larger priced things. Then just with whatever money I get, I will buy other things I wanted.

My choices right now are between a Flip Ultra HD camera which is around $200, along with some nice headphones for $70. Or one of 2 products from numark. Either the Numark Total Control or the Numark Stealth I believe it's called. THese are mixers used to DJ. You add tracks to both sides of it. Then you can work with it from there. The price ranges from $200-$350. Depending on which one I get. Both come with software and it's hard for me to choose.

On a side note. One friend got me Halo 3: ODST. He gave it to me yesterday and I have to say it was awesome.

Environments/Graphics: Amazing
Fun Factor: Amazing
Rating of the new Firefight mode: Amazing
Overall: It's....well....Amazing!

I only played it for maybe 3 hours, but it was very fun.

Well that basically concludes this update.

To anyone who reads this, let all your friends and fellow Wizard101 fans know about this blog. I hope everyone enjoys what's to come.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wizard101 Privacy

This afternoon I spent a couple hours on Wizard101. I just spent this time in the commons. I just enjoy hanging around and seeing what people are up to. Occasionally someone will come talk to me and things just progress from there.

As everyone knows, the commons is full of people spamming. Thing like "I need treasure cards" and "Help me with this boss" to "I need a girl/boy". Spamming can get very annoying, but that's not the point of this post.

I am here to discuss a major issue. This one person named Monica (I do not remember her last name) continuously asked who wants her grandmaster account because she has a family account. A few lower level intrigued by the idea of gaining access to a grandmaster account went up to her of course. She then told them that she would trade accounts with them and asked them to 'go first'.

I told them to not listen to her, it's a scam, don't tell her your account info, and so on. I stopped everyone, but she still continued to do it. I just hope nobody honestly gets into this situation. Most likely the account was a fake. I know this because in order to get to grandmaster you would need a subscription or crowns which cost money. Plus, the people coming up to her were low level (10 and below) which probably didn't have a membership. So basically she would be trading an account she is paying for to get her hands on one that has no membership. In other words, a complete waste. Therefore, she could not actually be serious.

So she was giving them a fake user-name and password in return for the victims actual account. Thus, scamming an innocent player of the game. Thankfully I stopped her from stealing any accounts, but this does happen often and sometimes people aren't there to stop it.

So please report anyone who is trying to scam people out of their account. It is against the rules to give out any account information.


Kings Isle themselves even said they would not ask for your password. So no matter what someone says or promises to do, never give out that information. It can lead to serious consequences.

Monday, September 21, 2009

About me

Let me first introduce myself.

My name is Tyler Stevenson. I am 14. I was born on September 25, 1994. I enjoy playing games, listening to music, and hanging with my friends.

Some major things I do are play Wizard101 (which will be a major focus of this blog for now), make music, make videos, and just being random all together. I am very creative and enjoy helping people. I am very friendly and fun. :)

If you wish to contact me then you have a few options:

Yahoo -
Hotmail -
AIM - DDRshark458
Youtube -

So yeah. That's a brief description of me. If you want to know more just let me know.