Friday, October 30, 2009

10/30/09 - Arena Jerks

I have a few things I want to discuss here.

I have been playing this game for maybe 6 or 7 months now. The past 2 of those months I have became very addicted to PvP.

As I am sure everyone can imagine, in a big online world there is bound to be people that are very rude. Yesterday, I unfortunately ran into one of those people. This is the story.

I was on my Grandmaster life guy, Valdus Thorn, and went into a 3v3 match with Paige and William. They are grandmaster fire and grandmaster storm. We were paired against 2 storm and a myth. They pretty much destroyed us on account of us going second. Minus them getting very annoyed with my constant rebirths of course :)


I used some storm shields to protect me, and they were complaining they were treasures. (Which they weren't) I just had some extra training points so I went ahead and learned storm shield.

So after the match, since with the newest update we stay in the arena until we hit the commons button. They said that I was cheap for using treasures. I of course responded saying they werent, and then left the arena. Then I got a whisper from one of our opponents...we will call him Bob.....I am Tyler...

Bob - Are you a dumb***?

Tyler - Um no?

(again I explained how they werent treasure storm shields)

Bob - Yea, sure

Tyler - I am serious. Honestly I had some points left over so I bought storm shield cause I am afraid of storm.

Bob - HAHA Your just a wimp who cant fight!

Bob - Homo

Tyler - Yeah keep calling me names, I know it makes you feel special. Have fun :)

(Then I reported and ignored him)

Some people are just annoying. I can get past being called a noob, or whatever. But actually insulting me is quite bothersome.

Later that day I spent my day in the commons, and again thanks to the update you cant spam something you said. So you have to retype something if you want to say it multiple times, thus eliminating the constant "I need a girl" and "TRADE ME RARE CARDS FOR CODES" and all that jazz....

So it was nice to have some peace and quiet.

And for some reason lately I have found the urge to 'meow' all the time....Don't ask why cause I have no answer for you. I just like to make random noises.


Tyler Earthstrider =

Rank - 1026
Tickets - 512 (Has commander hat and boots already)

Tyler Skullstrider =

Rank - 724
Tickets - 594 (Has commander boots)

Valdus Thorn =

Rank - 698
Tickets - 496

Thats everything for today. Oh and....



Thursday, October 15, 2009

10/15/09 - Test Realm Goes Live! How to Obtain Secret Mount Colors

Everyone by now knows about the mounts. From the brooms to the dragons, they are quite fun to have. Something a lot of people don't know is how to change there color. Here is a little tutorial:

1. Go into the crowns store and under mounts double click on whichever one you want.

Note: I don't think this works for dragons or brooms

2. After finding your favorite mount on the list, go under the outfits section of the store. (the picture with the hat)

3. Without clicking anything else, you should have the genie outfit selected by default. Go to the change colors button.

4. Dye the genie outfit (just the main color, NOT the trim) one of 3 colors. Either dark blue, dark green, or dark orange. Not sure what other colors work, so feel free to experiment, but I do know that these work for sure.

5. Go back under mounts and click on the same one you did before. This also includes the amount of time your renting it. For example,

If you clicked on a royal lioness (permanent) the first time you have to click on the SAME one. You can't click on the permanent one the first time then the 7-day one the second time. It must be the SAME mount for the SAME amount of time.

6. After finding the same mount, if done correctly, it should look different. With the Tigers I know that

Dark blue gives you a 'zebra tiger'. So it has white fur and black stripes.
Dark Green gives a black Tiger.
And Dark orange gives a tiger with spots (basically a cheetah).

Same goes for the Lion.

With the horses the changes might not be as noticable, but there is usually a slight difference. I haven't tried every combination though.

7. After you see its color has changed, from then on you just click buy and there ya go! A newly colored mount ready for your behind to sit on and ride.

Cruisin' in style......

So yeah, that's my tutorial. Maybe tomorrow I will add pictures as well. Good luck!

Hope Everyone Enjoys the Update Tomorrow! :)

10/14/09 - OMG I AM WARLORD

Well I have been doing a lot of 1v1 lately, cause I always thought the pvp armor was shiny and awesome. So after lots of matches I made it to commander with only 8 wins left until I could buy my commander hat. Then my friend who was barely a Warlord (905 rank or so) ended up losing his next match.

Our ranks were withing 30 of each other. So the next match we fought ended up being against each other. (Do I smell an idea?)

So he let me win. (no he didn't pass. We did fight. He just wouldn't kill me completely if he had the chance.) So anyway we ended up getting paired 5 times in a row, cause the game just loves me :) Then I ended up making warlord.

This brought me to just 3 more wins until my hat. Of course the higher ranked you get, the more difficult (or cheap) your opponents get. So therefore I was worried. Luckily, I got paired against someone who was trying to lower his rank. So I did a little victory dance and joined another battle. Once again, it was the same guy. Then, a third time. So basically I got 8 free wins and managed to get my hat and warlord rank in just an hour. I was just ecstatic!

So now I have been winning a few more matches. My rank is now 989 and I seem to be doing fairly well.

Bow chicka wow wow :)

Also, I love meeting new people and reading what they have to say, so thanks to Friendly's blog I stumbled across 2 some what lonely mine :(

So please if you find mine, also go and look at theirs.

They are:
Grandmaster Files and
The Myth Master

So yeah. Just trying to help some other people out.

On a side note, my mom's friend and her husband and son live with us. And her son (Brandon) is utterly obsessed with the song 'Your A Jerk' by New Boys. He is also attempting to learn how to jerk. Strongly emphasizing the word ATTEMPTING. But since he is white, he is therefore immune to being able to jerk.

(No that is not racist)

I do get a kick out him trying to do it though. And from watching his mom lie and say he is good with a fake smile on her face :)

Well anyway that's all I got.

Take care!

Monday, October 5, 2009

10/5/09 - PvP and Test Realm

Been doing lot's of pvp lately on my myth. I always liked the idea of pvp, but always found 1v1 to be quite boring.

Me.....alone....attacking whatever random guy/girl I get paired with. Only a cyclops minion to keep me company on occasion. EXCITING! (not)

So yeah, but now my friend William (level 50 storm) and I decided to do some 2v2. We only lost one out of our 9 matches. Then yesterday, since his wife also plays the game, she joined in and we did some 3v3. Surprisingly we didn't lose a match. Storm, fire, and myth grandmasters make a good team.

By the end of the night I made it to captain (757 rank now), William made it to warlord (934 or something around there), and his wife, Stephanie, made it to commander (820 or something).

William managed to buy the commander boots and infection amulet. Stephanie bought her wings, cause wings are just awesome! And I am still trying to reach commander to spend my 759 arena tickets on something.

All in all, been doing pretty well in arena lately.

Test Realm:

The test realm came out for us to play around with this weekend. Much to my surprise, there were actually much more added to the game then I had previously thought. Not only is there mounts, but also henchman, elixirs, and a new grandmaster tower. It's just awesome!

I thought riding a tiger through the streets of Wizard City would be enough, but no they added even more awesome things. Kings Isle has really out done themselves.

Also the addition of the seamstress was nice too. Have an ugly outfit that has good stats? Why not make it look like one of your other items? Now you can look however you want and still have the best stats you can get.

The grandmaster tower....was actually hard. Fighting 4 enemies at one time (about 1200 health each) isn't too bad. Then you reach the boss, all full of worry and doubt. You were warned that they 'cheat'. Well we bashed on him and eventually killed him. He didn't do too much to us, and neither did his minion he summoned. After his death though, he spawned again. So we were a bit confused, but gave it a shot.

We were setting up for a one hit kill, because we like being show-offs and overkilling anything that comes in our way. Then within 2 turns of us giving the final blow, the boss whips out a meteor. Of course this is where the cheating comes into play....

Rather then doing a mere 200-400 damage it did 10,000. To all of us, thus ending that fight.

A very shameful loss indeed.......

So when this hits live realm, i am grabbing my friends and killing that guy once and for all!

I don't want to go into details about everything, it would just be too long. But this update is sure to be awesome.

Can't wait for everything to go live!

Friday, October 2, 2009

10/2/09 - Tricks, Towers, and Treats

As you all know the Halloween decorations and quests finally arrived yesterday!

You got your ghosts, your scarecrows, your pumpkins, your scary towers, you got everything!

There are quite a bit of fun quests to do from Jack Hollow. Such as running around finding pumpkins in various areas, or catching different colored ghosts that are flying around. It's all quite fun. Your usually rewarded with some gold, or a black cat treasure card.

One of the more difficult quests (mainly for lower levels) is the battle against Mordecai in triton avenue. This boss has 2000 health and I believe his minion has around 800. Either way it's a pretty difficult battle to fight. You will want to bring some friends. Bosses usually focus on one person, or who ever is attacking/healing. So whoever becomes the target just shield them and have someone else charge up a strong attack to kill the boss. After completing this quest you are awarded with a plain pumpkin mask. So now you can kill people with a punpkin on your head......that's fun right?

Another fun edition with this special event is the towers located in Ravenwood. There is an easy, medium and hard tower. To gain access to these towers you must get the quest from jack that asks you to speak to Malorn in Ravenwood. Then you will be able to go inside. You should have at least one other person with you when doing these.

The quickest way to get through them is wipe your deck clean of everything except 1 blade, 1 attack all spell, 2-3 pixies, and 1 of whatever your strongest spell is.

So if you have one other person with you then your strategy will go like this:
-Both people use there attack all enemy spells when you gain 4 pips. This should enable you to just fly through every floor except the boss.
-When you reach him, again have both players use there attack all enemy spells to get rid of the minions.
-Then both use their blades and their strongest attacks and the bosses should be dead.

Each tower should be a breeze if done correctly. Also, keep in mind that the hard tower contains some nice drops from the boss as well as the minions. The ones I know of are:

- Spider Golem Pet [boss only]
- Greater Imp Pet (Comes with imp spell card) [any enemy]
- Marleybone Camping Tent (which you can go inside, it's pretty nice) [boss only]
- Antique Cello [Not sure, I think boss though]
- Dead Briar Tree [any enemy]
- Wraith Statue [any enemy]
- Unicorn Statue [not sure]
- One of the Halloween staffs [boss]

I'll update if I find anything else.

This update is packed with fun stuff to do, so enjoy it while it lasts

Happy Halloween Everyone! (sort of.....)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

10/1/09 - Strange Pets and Global Warming in Wizard101

Kings Isle Has now released even more gift card pets. These gift cards as before give crowns and a pet. This pet gives either a card, or some sort of boost to health, attack, etc. But some of them are ridiculous.

You should all be familiar with the cute little piggles from the wizard city pet shop. The pig that has wings and flies by your side with it's tongue swaying in the breeze. But no. Kings Isle didn't think that was enough....there was only one way to make it even cooler......

.......fuse it with a zebra.....

I know, I know, that sounds awesome and all. But don't get your hopes up. It doesn't come with a zebra spell.....what a disappointment.

Instead it comes with a storm shark spell, which isn't bad, but it's no zebra either.



In Other News:

As October finally arrives the world of Wizard city has begun to fall apart. People are hopelessly confused. Everything is spinning into chaos......the culprit you ask?

Global Warming is your answer. That's right. The spiral in it's entirety is experiencing global warming due to marleybone. It's balloon rides may seem fun, but they use a lot of toxic and hazardous gases to power those things. These fumes are finnally building up enough to cause havoc in the streets of even Wizard City!

People are losing their minds


They don't know the difference between a boy and a girl. It's madness! Beware of these fumes!

These toxic gases could turn your brain inside out. Or make your pet shoot out spaghetti. Or even cause you to believe your a ballerina!

The residents of marleybone are being sued for there actions and things should return to normal in a few years. Until then.....don't die.