Saturday, November 21, 2009

11/21/09 - Loving me some Gurtoks!

Today my friend called for my help with Malistaire. I still needed my robe for my life guy (which I still didn't get). After defeating the fire gurtok we moved onto the ice one and after beating him I got the surcoat of the charge. The crown robe that gives helephant. I was pretty surprised. A few weeks back I had also gotten the matching shoes, that give collossus. Now I just need the hat :D

But with no luck on getting my robe it was still a fun experience. My friend (Isaac) is a fun guy :)

So far I have managed to get 3 crown items from the instance:

Surcoat of the Charge (Ice Gurtok):

Boots of the Titan (Ice Gurtok):

Boots of the Comet (Malistaire):

So I am very happy, I use them for pvp. Obviously not boots of the comet, but the other 2 fill the places of missing arena gear for some of my guys.

Oh, and I snagged a picture of Isaac with Malistaire, good times :)

I also managed to grab a few battles in the arena. And finally got to a new highest rank for me. I managed to get past the 1000's and into the 1100's for the first time. Yay me! :)

Anyway, I had a good day today. And good luck farming for some more crown items everyone!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11/18/09 - The Man On The Moon

You know that face on the moon above the two-headed dog Orthrus.

Well I was just wondering....why? Ya know?

Kings Isle likes to make things look cool or exaggerated, or possible even 'cuter'. Though, in all honesty, this moon kind of creeps me out. It's like an evil stalker face printed on the moon that stares down on all who summon the mighty beast, Orthrus.

I mean maybe if they made a happy face that makes you smile at its ecstatic mood, and take your mind off the dog below crawling out from the depths of the earth. But no, they decided to go with a creepy face that's cracking a half smile and staring you down with dead eyes.....yikes...

I just ask why King Isle decided to do this. Maybe to exaggerate the whole "man on the moon" thing. How the craters on the moon, some what resemble a face. So maybe they just exaggerated it, and actually put a face? So then I ask....were they making the face based off of a real person?

So what are your thoughts?

Do you find the moon creepy? Why do you think Kings Isle would add this? Do you think I am crazy and you don't really care about the subject at all? Well? Am I crazy? IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK?!?!



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11/17/09 - A New Discovery Has Been Made In The Spiral!

I have heard rumors of a rare creature hiding somewhere in Dragonspyre. Maybe in a cave, or inside a cloud.....maybe it doesn't even exist. Who is to know right?

Well guess what.....I saw it.....the rare....and amazing.....


It's an amazing creature, I vow to one day capture the mighty beast. You hear me dragon! I WILL CAPTURE YOU!!!


Monday, November 16, 2009

11/16/09 - The New Earthstrider

As a Grandmaster Myth wizard, I decided to have myth colors so I have had blue and yellow clothes (Blue as the main, yellow as the trim).

Though, since I dyed my clothes I have seen a ton of myth people with those same colors. Therefore, I finally decided to change it again. I liked the blue, but decided to change the yellow to black, and I have to say, it looks really nice :)

Also, I managed to download Xfire, and figured out how to stream live. So I will start doing that daily probably. Unless I am doing something boring :D

Oh and I would like to say thanks to Fallon, from She added my blog to her

Thanks Fallon! :D


Sunday, November 15, 2009

11/15/09 - Menu Chatter For The Win!!

Well I ported to my friend who was in the arena.

He did that small bug that lets you actually get inside the arena, so you can just fight for fun by walking into the circle.

So then we have friends port and do some 1v1's, and 3v3's.

Then randomly this menu chatter joins the party. Her name was Michelle SpiritFlower, and is a level 6 ice wizard. So, we decided to have some fun with her. For some reason she continuously entered the battles one after another even though she got beaten nearly every time, but her persistence was very commendable. My friend Caleb was being pretty rude to her, since she is not able to hear him. Making fun of her and completely over-killing her. It wasn't very nice, and Michelle agreed, with the constant,

"That wasn't nice!" or
"Don't be mean!"

So then we got into a 3v3. It was me and a balance friend, plus Michelle. We were against Caleb, a 13 death, and a 49 myth. So me and my friend continued to shield her as she healed and managed to stay alive the whole battle.

Then after knocking out 2 of them me and William (the friend on my team) managed to knock the remaining person to 16 health or so. Then, Michelle made the final blow and won us the match! :D

Way to go girl!

So, never underestimate the power of a menu-chatter, they may come back with a vengeance!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

11/14/09 - The Friendly Conjurer??

After being a grandmaster for quite some time, and currently working on my third, I get bored from time to time. I usually just go run around the commons, getting bombarded with friend requests....

Why don't I turn them off you ask?? I have no idea what so ever.......I am just so lazy that I can't click on like 3 things and turn them off I guess :)

Anyway, back on topic. This week I have been doing things a little different. I have decided to humor these people and actually add them. Or just run up to random people and start chatting away. I have really enjoyed this. Turns out if your Mr. smiley, friendly, overly happy, crazy, perky, peppy, random, funny, hot, handsome, awesome, carried away there sorry....

But if you shine a smile, then usually you get one back :)

A smile is like a light, and just a few people can brighten the world for all of us.

Woah....did I just say that....I am so deep! I never knew I had it in me!!

So yeah I have made a lot of new friends, and it feels good. So give this a try:

-Go to the commons on a some what empty realm, not one filled with people talking left and right.

- Go up to a random person. I prefer girls. They are more interesting to talk to, and generally more happy :)

-Then just say hi with a smile

-See how many friends you can make!


I am working on a remix for the Holidays. I love to make music, as well as listen to it of course. So, recently I have began working on a remix of 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'. I have turned a classic Christmas carol, into a dance-ey, and fun, techno song. I will be working on it until December, to ensure it's nice and ready. I will probably release a sneak peek later this month, but the final product won't be released until around December 20th or so.

Just keep an eye out for any links to it on here, I am some-what impatient, so I will post an unfinished version at some point.

So, everyone, get in that cheery holiday spirit and make some friends! Listen to music! Have fun! and just BE HAPPY!!


Monday, November 9, 2009

11/9/09 - Moving up in the tournament and farming Malistaire

I joined the magus tournament on central. Using my level 37 death wizard, Tyler SkullStrider. So far he has won his first 2 matches. Just 3 more to go!

I am pretty excited. This is my first tournament. Well I joined 3 at the same time. But, technically it's still one of the first. During the time since the tournament began I also managed to gain his commander hat. Just need the tickets for the robe. So things are going pretty well.

As with my life guy, he is still having trouble getting Malistaire to drop his robe. He is very evil :(

I would say I have tried around 20 times so far. Maybe 21 is the charm :D