Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11/18/09 - The Man On The Moon

You know that face on the moon above the two-headed dog Orthrus.

Well I was just wondering....why? Ya know?

Kings Isle likes to make things look cool or exaggerated, or possible even 'cuter'. Though, in all honesty, this moon kind of creeps me out. It's like an evil stalker face printed on the moon that stares down on all who summon the mighty beast, Orthrus.

I mean maybe if they made a happy face that makes you smile at its ecstatic mood, and take your mind off the dog below crawling out from the depths of the earth. But no, they decided to go with a creepy face that's cracking a half smile and staring you down with dead eyes.....yikes...

I just ask why King Isle decided to do this. Maybe to exaggerate the whole "man on the moon" thing. How the craters on the moon, some what resemble a face. So maybe they just exaggerated it, and actually put a face? So then I ask....were they making the face based off of a real person?

So what are your thoughts?

Do you find the moon creepy? Why do you think Kings Isle would add this? Do you think I am crazy and you don't really care about the subject at all? Well? Am I crazy? IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK?!?!




  1. I seriously hate it, whenever someone casts it, I have a shiver down my back. Reminds me of some kind of picture book...

  2. Nice blog, Tyler! I added you to my blogroll.

  3. i want a myth person *sigh* right now he is 21 but now you can combine to make like a Jade Hound and stuff will you mix with my wraith? I am grandmaster death my name is Talon Frostglade, please respond so we can hatch them :)