Saturday, November 21, 2009

11/21/09 - Loving me some Gurtoks!

Today my friend called for my help with Malistaire. I still needed my robe for my life guy (which I still didn't get). After defeating the fire gurtok we moved onto the ice one and after beating him I got the surcoat of the charge. The crown robe that gives helephant. I was pretty surprised. A few weeks back I had also gotten the matching shoes, that give collossus. Now I just need the hat :D

But with no luck on getting my robe it was still a fun experience. My friend (Isaac) is a fun guy :)

So far I have managed to get 3 crown items from the instance:

Surcoat of the Charge (Ice Gurtok):

Boots of the Titan (Ice Gurtok):

Boots of the Comet (Malistaire):

So I am very happy, I use them for pvp. Obviously not boots of the comet, but the other 2 fill the places of missing arena gear for some of my guys.

Oh, and I snagged a picture of Isaac with Malistaire, good times :)

I also managed to grab a few battles in the arena. And finally got to a new highest rank for me. I managed to get past the 1000's and into the 1100's for the first time. Yay me! :)

Anyway, I had a good day today. And good luck farming for some more crown items everyone!



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