Saturday, November 14, 2009

11/14/09 - The Friendly Conjurer??

After being a grandmaster for quite some time, and currently working on my third, I get bored from time to time. I usually just go run around the commons, getting bombarded with friend requests....

Why don't I turn them off you ask?? I have no idea what so ever.......I am just so lazy that I can't click on like 3 things and turn them off I guess :)

Anyway, back on topic. This week I have been doing things a little different. I have decided to humor these people and actually add them. Or just run up to random people and start chatting away. I have really enjoyed this. Turns out if your Mr. smiley, friendly, overly happy, crazy, perky, peppy, random, funny, hot, handsome, awesome, carried away there sorry....

But if you shine a smile, then usually you get one back :)

A smile is like a light, and just a few people can brighten the world for all of us.

Woah....did I just say that....I am so deep! I never knew I had it in me!!

So yeah I have made a lot of new friends, and it feels good. So give this a try:

-Go to the commons on a some what empty realm, not one filled with people talking left and right.

- Go up to a random person. I prefer girls. They are more interesting to talk to, and generally more happy :)

-Then just say hi with a smile

-See how many friends you can make!


I am working on a remix for the Holidays. I love to make music, as well as listen to it of course. So, recently I have began working on a remix of 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'. I have turned a classic Christmas carol, into a dance-ey, and fun, techno song. I will be working on it until December, to ensure it's nice and ready. I will probably release a sneak peek later this month, but the final product won't be released until around December 20th or so.

Just keep an eye out for any links to it on here, I am some-what impatient, so I will post an unfinished version at some point.

So, everyone, get in that cheery holiday spirit and make some friends! Listen to music! Have fun! and just BE HAPPY!!


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